About the xLab

The xLab is College Prep's flexible and collaborative space for hands-on learning, innovation, and interdisciplinary exploration through design, experimentation and fabrication. The xLab’s suite of tools are available for class projects related to curriculum, as well as on campus club projects. Students may also request time to work on their own creations.

The xLab is a safe space.

Makers should:

  • Work with tools they are certified to use.

  • Work in the space when an adult is present.

  • Keep the space organized and clean.

  • Pack up and store their projects when they are done with them for the day. 

Makers should not

  • Work in the space alone.

  • Eat/drink anything but water in the space.

  • Leave projects out on the workbenches. 

The xLab is a space for making.

Makers should:

  • Use the xLab for working on projects.

  • Use the xLab to plan and design projects.

  • Use the xLab to learn and teach new tools and processes.

Makers should not:

  • Use the xLab as a study room.

  • Use the xLab for gaming/socializing.

Teachers should:

  • Schedule time to work on class projects 

  • Encourage students to use the xLab during daily Open Lab time.

The xLab is for creating, not consuming. 

Makers should:

  • Use materials creatively and efficiently.

  • Experiment with up-cycling materials for projects.

  • Power down equipment when it's not being used.

Makers should not:

  • Waste or damage materials.

  • Leave equipment running unnecessarily.

  • Remove materials or equipment from the xLab.

The xLab is used to make things that are beneficial to the community.

Makers should:

  • Work on projects that are for a class.

  • Work on projects that are for clubs.

  • Learn new skills and share them with the CPS community.

Makers should not:

  • Make items that are harmful or would violate school rules.

  • Work on personal projects* with school tools/materials.

 * Have a personal project? Talk to an xLab faculty member about options on sharing your work with the CPS community!

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